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I also fabricate custom products that you won't find anywhere else. I use alot of different materials to come up with these little items, but they sure add to the detail and realistic look of any shop or garage diorama !
I have found over the years, that this hobby can be so fun filled and enjoyable. I have also found it can be quite frustrating at times. When your project isn't going well, it's best to put it away and get into something else. Let all the glue and paint dry completely before moving on to the next step. These little tips will help make sure your projects get finished instead of winding up in the trash can or being beat flat with a hammer. Also will prevent you from patching any holes in the walls from throwing projects or tools !!!

Custom made items
These little jack Stands, Engine Stand, Work Bench, Bench Grinder and Creeper are all hand made. The Floor Jack and Engine Blocks are resin cast and can be switched on the stand.
Handcrafted Tire rack
This cool little tire rack is made from styrene modelers plastic and wire. 
Bench Grinder with Light
Old Fashioned Tire Bubble Balancer

Handcrafted Car Lift
Extremely Detailed Items

Kerosene Torpedo Heater
Stocked Shop Shelves

Work Bench, Tire Rack, & Shop Shelves

Resin Cast Items
I am strongly in the process of fabricating molds to cast about anything you can think of that has to do with the automotive industry. Keep watch on this site and on My Ebay auctions and store to see what comes up next !