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A very cool way to display your favorite 1/64 scale diecast car

 I began designing and making these car trailers several years ago. It used to take 8 to 12 hours over 2 days time to make one, cutting, sanding, fitting, and fabricatng, and painting each and every part depending on the trailer. Now that I have many of the parts precast, it takes about 3 to 6 hours to compete one.  They are perfectaly balanced and roll freely. There are now several different designs, colors and accessories for them... I used to sell them through ebay until Greenlight released their style.

Click the pic below and it will take you there !!!

A small lot of designs and colors

These trailers are cast from sturdy resin and are packed with fun. Any wheels and tires can be used from any 1/64 scale diecast car or truck.

DFD series

This is my standard full bed style. It comes in black and standard style Hot Wheels wheels.

DFB-R series

This style trailer comes with a tire rack. These trailers are popular with round track or straight line racers who carry several spare racing tires or slicks to the track.


DFB series

This is my basic and standard style trailer. Nothing fancy at all, just the basics.

DFD-C Series

This variation comes in custom colors and can have custom chrome mag style wheels with rubber tires.

Rubber Tires and Detailed Custom Wheels

These trailers have now been up-graded. With a different axel design, rubber tires and more detailed wheels can be used for a 110% improvement !!!

Automotive Paint Up-grade

With a little more effort, the trailers can be painted with real automotive metallic paint and clear coted for a superb shine !!!

Promo Model

This was my first trailer to be fabricated with the parts from the new resin casting molds. The frames have been redesigned to fit this deluxe style bed !!!

Lot full of car trailers

Alot of time went into the designing, creating, detailing, and building of these Diecast Fun car trailers.

Great Display
These trailers make a great way to display your favorite racecar, custom car, street rod car, and even construction equipment. They come packed with hours and hours of fun !!!
Trailer Factory Diorama

Here is a diorama I set up for advertisment of my trailers.

Raw resin cast

Assembled straight from the mold after flash cleaning and back sanding.

Tool Boxes

Tool Boxes have now been fabricated to fit on the fronts of these trailers !!!

Trailer Factory Diorama
This is the second photo of the trailer factory used for advertisement.