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Johnny Lightning returns

I am so very glad to see Tom Lowe, Mac Ragan and the crew have brought the excitement back of running to the toy department and finding some cool diecast hanging there. Our beloved Johnnys have hit the pegs since 2016. 

Auto World, Johnny Lightning, and Racing Champions ~ Click the pic above to keep up~dated

They are at it again. Tom Lowe, Mac Ragan, and the rest of the team are working hard to bring a new line up for 2016 and 2017. Way to go guys!!!

Hats off to ya all!!!

Many pics here may be borrowed from the JL facebook site


We all know by now, Racing Champions has teamed up with Johnny Lightning to bring us some more gorgeous cars in 2016. Click the Logo Pic for further information.

Jack Reacher 70 Chevelle SS

Hollywood on Wheels have returned

It's "GORGEOUS" ~ Johnny Lightning 1970 Chevelle SS from the TV program Jack Reacher 

1969 Charger R/T

"Fantastical" This beautiful 69 Dodge Charger from the famous and crazy movie "Dirty Mary~Crazy Larry" is here as well. One we all have waited for for years.

1970 Challenger R/T

 Who don't know or remember this famous Challenger from the movie "Vanishing Point"?  It has also returned with chrome wheels and argent centers.

Bassin' USA

 Remember the Bassin' USA series with the cool pickups, bass boats, and trailers?  They're Back! 

Gone Fishing

 The Johnny team has brought em' back. This time with a new style boat pulled by a 1964 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser station wagon or an older Chevy pick up. 

Gone Fishing

This one is the older bass boat casting behind a sweet silver Chevrolet Silverado pickup.

Gone Fishing

This one is a new combo also. A 1965 Chevrolet pickup, new style boat and trailer.

Gone Fishing

Here's a real beauty of a combo. The red version of the 64 Olds Vista Cruiser wagon, new boat and trailer.


Gone Fishing

The white version of the Silverado pickup and bass boat.

Gone Fishing

A very, very cool version of the 65 Chevy pickup and a wild styled boat. Pickup has a rather rustic look. Great job JL!

Auto World 1963 Dodge Polara

As of now there a few versions of these fabulous "real" high~performance cars that kicked the Muscle Car era off in the early 60s. Auto World has done an excellent job on these true Muscle Cars.


Auto World 1964 Ford Galaxie 500

This red version of the modified Galaxie is one hot item right now. This Galaxie is also available in black, white, and a metallic mint green. New from the crew at Auto World and Round2.


To help save a little navigation time, click the very last pic to go to the next page. "Great Dioramas"