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Enjoy and admire what you collect ~ Collect what you enjoy and admire!

I have been collecting diecast cars for well over 50 years. I must say, I no longer have a shread of interest in the whole "chase car" scene. Below is pictured an Auto World Ultra Raw Buick Grand Sport. This is suppose to be 1 of 10 cars released to the whole USA and even around the world as I now hear. Below that is the AW Ultra Red Buick Grand Sport chase car that were issued in more quanites, but still hard to find. I have seen these Ultra Raws cars selling for over 300 dollars. "WOW".  I found both the Ultra Raw and the Ultra Red the same day in the same store. There is absolutely, without a doubt, on this God's green earth I am that lucky to find 1 of 10 cars released to the whole USA (and around the world?). Every diecast company out there today has got this chase car scene way too far hyped up and scalpers are making a killing off of 1-6 dollar cars. Scammers are even trying to make replicas of proto-types and ripping off collectors.  Back in the day I used to hunt and collect the original Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt cars, but no longer do so. I have witnessed grown adult men fist fighting at two of the K-Day events over 1 dollar Hot Wheel cars. In front of and knocking children to the ground.  Hot Wheels may very well be the leader in all this bull crap Treasure Hunt and chase hype, but I'm not going for any of it in any way!
I buy what I like and like what I buy, no matter what the value or quanity released!!!

Auto World Ultra Raw 1967 Buick Grand Sport ~ 1 of 10 Cars Released

I do not believe this in one of ten cars released to the whole USA or world wide. No paint at all, just clear cote, it looked silver to me. I thought it was a new color released and had never heard of the raws at the time I found this one. I thought it was a new and cool looking silver color and paid $2.67 for it.

Auto World Ultra Red 1967 Buick Grand Sport ~ Chase Car

This Ultra Red Buick chase car looks like a normal car with a nice metallic, candy red paint job. That is the one and only reason I purchased it also for $2.67.

Auto World 1967 Buick Grand Sport ~ Standard release 1 Version A

A very pretty car with a great turquoise/aqua paint color.

Auto World 1967 Buick Grand Sport ~ Standard Release 1 Version B

Another great looking car with the metallic sand colored tan paing job

Hot Wheels 1970 Chevelle SS ~ Treasure Hunt

These early Treasure Hunt Hot Wheels were clearly distinguishable from the other mainline cars. Rubber tires, fancy wheels, and the cards were clearly marked

Hot Wheels 1958 Chevrolet Impala ~ Treasure Hunt

Later releases Treasure Hunts had plastic standard wheels, making way for the Super Treasure Hunts and a huge after market price increase 

Hot Wheels VW Drag Bus ~ Garage Series

Then came the Garage series cars with the fancy wheels and diecast bases. Priced from $3.50 to $5.00. I gave up on the Treasure Hunts and began collecting these cars. They definitely looked as good if not better than the Treasure Hunts anyway.

Auto World 1966 Chevelle SS ~ Chase Car

I also found this Auto World Ultra Red 66 Chevelle and swapped wheels to something I liked better. I posted this pic on several FB group pages and some collectors thought I was crazy for swapping out an Ultra Red. I like it better and that's what counts to me. Still only a 5 dollar car with a nice color, and looked better with the bigger chrome wheels.

Greenlight 1969 Boss 429 Mustang ~ Chase Car

This Greenlight Green Machine chase car is a fine, and a normal looking Mustang. The Auto World Ultra Red chase cars are fine as well. The ones with green wheels, colored tires and all gold trim, white bases and engines, I will pass on. 

Johnny Lightning 1970 Dodge Superbee ~ Chase Car

This Johnny White Lightning chase car is again, a normal and fine looking car. White interior is quite OK, but the little white engine was swapped out for a more detailed, colored, and chrome one. Some say I ruined the value of the car, but I am in no way concerned about the value. I like and enjoy playing with it with my personal touches.

Johnny Lightning 1980 Firebird Trans AM ~ Chase Car

Another way to identify a Johnny Lightning is either the goofy white colored tires or the goofy white bases. I bought this one due to the detailed wheels and not knowing it was a White Lightning chase until I received it. Mabe paint the base black soon

M2 1970 Mustang Mach 1 ~ Chase Car

Not a whole lot to say about this 1/64th scale M2 chase Stang. Definitely a sweet looking car, but the gold trim stuff has to go!

M2 1966 Mustang GT350 1/24th Scale ~ Chase Car

M2 has gone one step further and released their chase cars with the ugly gold trim and wheels in 1/24th scale. I thought these 1/24ths in standard release were a bit over priced at 22 - 25 dollars each though. Nice detail for sure, but quality remains a question in my opinion.

Hot Wheels 50 Years Mustang Set ~ Mainline Cars

Hot Wheels released several sets and series of cars that were quite cool looking and all cars in the sets were decent looking castings. Recently they have gone absolutely nuts with the Star Wars, Star Trek, Beatles, Super Heros, Comic Strip Characters, and other sets that are packaged with the ugly, goofy, and unrealistic castings that wind up being peg warmers and do not sell well. So it seems they put them in a series with fancy card art and other good castings to reel the collectors in like a fish on a hook, if they would like to collect the whole set.

Sorry guys, I aint goin' for it!


Just saying to all fellow collectors to enjoy this hobby as it is one of the top choices out there. Don't get caught up in this "CHASE CAR" hype and bull crap. These are still only 1 dollar to 10 dollar toys. Enjoy and admire what you collect and collect what you enjoy and admire!!!