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Below you will see two variations of diorama garages I hand build. One is a three room dealership and the other is a 1 room service garage. Both have plenty of detail and fun added together and are built to provide years of enjoyment . They have removable fronts and the rear of the three room is removable for photo shots as you see below. Both have opening overhead garage doors. If you are a serious collector and want the fullest amount of enjoyment from this hobby, check into these custom build, handcrafted diorama buildings !

 I have been collecting diecast cars of all scales and fabricating dioramas and accessories for over fifty years now. I have developed a strong compassion and creative ability for this hobby. I also fabricate custom racing engines and accessories for doing customs, as you can see on my customs pages, or through out this site.  A serious amount of time, effort, energy, some money, and alot of pride go into the sturdy construction and detail of these buildings.  Each garage is constructed of sturdy .093 plexiglass and styrene plastic. The ones pictured below were two years in the making each. The Musclecar Garage was constructed in 2003 and finished about 2005. The Mustang Connection Dealership was constructed in 2005 and finished in 2007. These times included carving, collecting, and fabricating all the diorama pieces to construct the molds for each piece. The fun never ends. Buildings can be constructed of wood, plastic, cardboard, or just about any other material you are comfortable working with. Review the pictures and descriptions below and gather some ideas and get started.

The Mustang Connection Dealership

A view of the left side of the showroom. Free Pepsi with the purchase of a new Stang !

A view of the right side of the showroom. Free popcorn with the purchase of a new Stang !

A view of the left side of the service area.

A view of the right side of the service area.

A view of the carpeted waiting/ cashier's room. Watch a big screen TV while your Mustang is serviced.

Top view of the three room Mustang Connection Dealership.

This is my newest single room garage. It is a little larger

Customized Hot Wheels 1967 Mustang in the service bay of the Mustang Connection

Cruzing Main Street in 1/64th scale



Handcrafted cashiers counter



The Muscle Car Garage



Handcrafred and resin cast accessories, all hand painted






Very busy day at the Garage.

Front of the Muscle Car Garage with the garage doors closed.

Top view of the one room Muscle Car Garage.

The Office ~ Office sections can be set up in either building.

All office furnature pictured is available upon request.


Here is a very good tip for wall posters, banners, logos, or any wall deco you may like to add to your shop or garage. You can cut any ad or logo from any magazine of your choice and go to a copy store and reduce them to about any scale or size you need on a color copy machine. It's very inexpensive and can add so much detail and realizm to your garage or shop.