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For those of you who are interested and involved in this diecast and diorama hobby, please read and understand these facts

 I have been involved and interested in this hobby of collecting and buiding diecast cars and dioramas for display and play for many, many years. I have devised ways to share the fun and enjoyment I experience from this hobby in many areas. I have also discovered it is not sheap, and very, very expensive at times for certain materials, supplies, tools, and pieces to create these dioramas and cars. I can not even begin to count the dollars I have invested over the years for the tools and materials to be involved in this hobby and share what I experience. Thousands over thousands of dollars easily. For what I receive from the hobby is well worth it 10 times over. Some people have commented on the prices I have charged to make and build some of these diorama garages and pieces to go with them. It is clear, they do not have a clue what is involved in doing so. Below you will see pictured some of the overhead I have invested in to do what I do and display my creativity...

These are bare resin cast pieces for 1/64th scale shop or garage dioramas. It takes expensive resin and time to mix and mold

A small portion of the molds created to make these diorama pieces. Much time and expence involved here alone.

Several of these RTV Silicone kits have been purchased to create the molds needed.

More molds and resin used to cast the pieces.

You are looking at close to five hundred dollars in silicone and resin alone to get started casting.

More molds, and resin used to cast the pieces.

This is a small, small portion of the tools invested in for just the final detailing of the pieces.

A few of the small power tools needed and used, along with storage cabinets for organization.

A small work area to take the time to sit and paint and detail these pieces.

The cost and time to cut, resize, and layout many different styles and sizes of these detail sheets add up in running off several copies to use over and over.

Eight hours involved in making this tiny engine on a stand. Also about eight to ten dollars in materials to do so when adding paint, glue, and all other materials to create this one piece. If you were to go out and buy everything used in creation of this one piece, you would easily have that amount invested.

I had also invested a good amount in packaging materials. Baggies, design and printing, and materials also added up quickly. I have done away with most of this to try to cut costs.

Well over ten hours invested in this piece. Again, not counting material cost, To ask twenty dollars for this piece means your time is worth less than two dollars an hour. Do the math.

What kind of a time factor would you guess involved here? This little set up is used in one of my own little garages, and for the enjoyment I receive in just admiring it, it becomes well worth my time alone invested in creating.

Although I try to wheel and deal on quantites of this styrene modelers plastic to use, it still adds up quickly.

If you're going to do this, one power tool badly needed is a good Dremel. With all the small carving pieces you are easily looking at well over one hundred and fifty dollars.

Also used in many cases is aluminum tube. It also becomes costly.

So many different kinds of glues are needed to bond different materials together. Experience comes into play here. Another expense to be factored in.

You're looking at sixty to seventy five dollars in all these different shades of paint needed to go for extreme detailing. This is a small portion of what I have stocked.

Many collectors have inquired about me making just this one little scene for them. Take a close look and try to realize the time involved in printing, cutting, painting, sanding, gluing, packaging, and shipping. Is your time worth more than two dollars an hour?

Another way I have tried to cut costs and time is by making some of my own tools such as these sanding boards. These eliminate any kind of sanding tools.

One little tool here was tweleve dollars alone, not counting the tiny drill bits, which are also very expensive.

Good paint and good spray clear cote, gloss or matte finish is needed to protect the pieces from wear and paint chipping. Another added factor in costs.

Spray adheasive is used to adhere any paper, cardboard, or anything paperwise for wall deco and mini advertisements pertaining to detail. Over ten dollars a can.

So many people inquired about my trailers I began making about 15 years ago. I tried many ways to sell them at a cost efficient way. I figured I had sixteen dollars invested in this kit in this pic. Not including time factor.

Another way I tried to fulfill many requests, was selling them as a finished product. Factor in the paint and materials involved, I had over eighteen dollars invested in what you see here. No way I can afford to give them away.

Still at a cost by producing these trailers in quantities of twenty over a 3 day period, I still had close to thirteen dollars involved.

These are good quality 1/64 scale car trailers I designed and built myself. Very durable and complete with hours of enjoyment. In order to make any profit according to business books, I would have to sell these at a cost of thirty six dollars.

I've tried casting by resin

I've also tried styrene plastic. Material and time factor combined come out about the same for resin or plastic.


I am not into this hobby to make a living by all means. I began posting my pics on several different sites and many, many people began inquiring about my items in the pictures. I tried many, many ways of sharing my knowledge and craftmanship as much and as many ways as I could without becoming a huge expense to me. That alone would take all the fun from my beloved hobby. I do not do this for a living, but more so for the extreme fun and enjoyment. I will try to fulfill any orders or requests as best as I can, but please, please keep in mind, I do so more as a favor and to share what I know and what I have. The price I will charge is to cover expenses, and a small amount for my time and skill, inwhich I do feel is worth something. Take the time to browse through a hobby store or a Hobby Lobby and review toe cost of these scale hobby pieces and materials that are mass produced and sold everyday. My items are all handcrafted with the greatest amount of time and skill I can provide. Please review this page and try to get a full understanding of what I am trying to explain here. I will never take advantage or "rip~off" anyone, but on the other hand do expect a small amount of respect for my time, skill, and desire to share without expense to me.